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Message of the President of All Africa 2014

 H.O.B Lawal


Dear friends,

It gives me great joy, honour and privilege to formally invite you to the 19th All Africa Conference (AAC) 6th – 9th February 2014, taking place in Tunis, the largest city and capital of Tunisia, located in north-eastern Tunisia on the Lake of Tunis.

Tunis boasts of many world class tourist attractions including the Bardo Museum which was originally a 13th-century Hafsid palace, located in the (then) suburbs of Tunis. The ruins of Carthage are nearby, along the coast to the northeast, with many ancient ruins.

The medina of Tunis has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The Medina contains some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains dating from the Almohad and the Hafsid periods of the 12th and 13th centuries.

With Africa gradually emerging as a Constitutional Area of our esteemed Association, the Executive Officers of our Association will be gracing the conference, thereby adding colour and even more excitement to the conference.

No doubt the presence of these esteemed officers with their full compliments of office will boost the morale of all Lions in the emerging Constitutional Area of Africa.

The programme of the conference has been tailored towards self sustenance and furtherance of self development which expectedly will ultimately be applied to the benefit of service delivery. In addition, the programme has been designed to integrate two all important institutes viz: Advanced Lions Leadership Institutes (ALLI) and Faculty Development Institutes (FDI).

Needless to mention that apart from the rich programme content, the conference in Tunisia promises to be a tourist and Lions delight, as Tunisia is known for its golden beaches, friendly weather and affordable luxuries. Members of the Lions family and friends of Africa are therefore respectfully invited to be part of the unforgettable experience which AAC 2014 in Tunis promises to offer.

Dear friends, as part of the culture of the Tunisians, treating guests very well is an everyday routine; hence the Lions of Tunisia cannot wait to receive all Lions into their warm embrace in Tunis.

It is therefore with a great sense of responsibility as the Conference Chairperson, that I enjoin you all to be part of history once again by ensuring that you all register early and be physically present in Tunisia to exchange ideas on service experiences, best practices as well as learn from the lessons of the shortcomings of the past. Besides, Africa shall be honored with your gracious presence to witness the traditional change of baton of leadership of Africa at the conference in Tunis.

Let us rekindle the spirit of our International Association of Friends and Volunteers by trooping to Tunisia come February 2014.

I surely cannot wait to officially welcome you all, in the company of the traditionally warm and hospitable Lions of Tunisia.

I love you all; and I look forward to meeting and sharing all the fun with you in Tunis.

Thank you and God bless.

Lion (Engr.) H.O.B. Lawal, PIDChairman
Africa Leadership/Conference

Message of International Director

Alexis Vincent GOMES


We shall meet in Tunisia after the International Convention in Hamburg at which you, Lions of Africa, have given me your trust in electing me to the position of International Director for Africa. 

I thereby take the opportunity to thank you for the privilege and honor you have offered my humble person.  

In Hamburg, we, Lions of Africa, have showed the world that we were able to take our destiny in our hands by promising: 

  • To drive Lions of Africa to the Constitutional Region and successfully complete establishing our Association in all African countries.
  • To strengthen Lions capacity in the Continent by increased and inclusive training to ensure strong and effective leadership in our future Constitutional region. 
  • To ensure that our Association has influence in every district and country of the Continent through large and meaningful Lions achievements.  
  • To ensure that our Association is perceived in the Continent as partner in development. 
  • To bring Lions of the Continent closer to International Leadership.

Dear Lion friends, now is the time to dream while addressing these challenges! 

Let us dream of achieving the Constitutional Region, before our Association centennial, by an unprecedented increase of our membership. 

Let us dream that our clubs regain more effectiveness in serving our communities by strengthening our leadership in a spirit of true friendship, in an atmosphere of true friendliness.

Let us dream that through such regained effectiveness in our achievements, by 2017, the Association becomes in the whole continent a real partner to development. We would thus be paying proper tribute to Melvin JONES, our founder. 

Dear Lion friends, as you can see, we have the opportunity to write together a glorious page of our common history.  

In order for the centennial to be a celebration of all these victories, let us unite now.  

Do believe me; the road ahead is not long and I am confident that with hard work we will get there. 

I shall be pleased to further discuss these points with you at the 19th ALL AFRICA Conference in Tunis.

Looking forward to our friendly meeting

  Alexis Vincent GOMES
International Director
Global Leadership Team Leader
Africa Steering Committee

Message of the Chair of All Africa 2014 Steering Committee




It is a great pleasure for all Tunisian Lions and myself to host the African conference in 2014, organized in Tunisia for the second time in less than ten years. This demonstrates the confidence of African Lions in the country known as crossroads of civilizations and land of tolerance.

We believe that our continent should indeed become a major representative of Lions spirit in the world. 

Africa is certainly in great need now for everyone’s contribution to provide all forms of assistance to the poorest especially in literacy, education, reading, health, environment and social matters.   

Our big gathering in Tunisia in February 2014 will give us the opportunity to pave the way and implement programs to achieve our main objective: to become an independent Constitutional Region. 

It will enable us to have a privileged status at Oak Brook and to fill international positions among the organization’s world staff and why not, one day, reach International President position.  

To achieve this goal, we must do our best to increase Lions and Leos membership and implement large social projects likely to attract new members.   

Dear friends,

We are awaiting you in Tunisia at the 19th African Conference in 2014, which will be an opportunity to strengthen friendship between our peoples and draw the final stretch to our goal.

imagine Africa a constitutional area standing alone.

The President of the 2014 African Conference


Message of key note speaker

Ahmed Ounaies


Ahmed Ounaies is a Tunisian diplomat who served thirty-four years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After studying at Sadiki College, the Sorbonne and the Institute of International Studies in Geneva, where he studied Philosophy and International Relations, he entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1962 where he filled the positions of Attaché in the Office of the Minister, Director for Africa and Asia, Director of Planning and Director General for the Americas. Abroad, he held various positions in Paris and Geneva and Ambassador to the United Nations in New York, New Delhi, Hanoi and Moscow. He was Minister of Foreign Affairs after the Revolution in January 2011.

  Ahmed Ounaies
key note speaker